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Cocktail Making


 was founded in 2018 by La’Tiffany Jackson

In 2016 while working full-time in a corporate office La’Tiffany wanted to find a way to earn extra income during the holidays. She decided to call around to see who was hiring but she didn’t just want a normal part-time job.

She wanted a job that kept her feet engaging with other people, unlike her full-time job.

While thinking about what could be an exciting job she remembers when she first graduated from college a returned home she bartended for a local bar.

“BINGO!” She completed Alabama Bartending school in April of 2017 and sought local bartending jobs. BOSS Lounge and Bar, Regions Baseball Field and BJCC were stepping blocks into the bartending world. Family and friends begin to ask her to bartend for different events they were having and TGC Bartending was created.

Preparing Cocktails

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